Our Schools

  • Shepard School (grades 5-12)

    Shepard School in Kinnelon, NJ offers Middle and High School programs and is aimed at helping students with behavioral difficulties cope with the demands of the classroom and prepare for the academic challenges of high school.

    The Shepard School High School Satellite Program is designed for students with multiple disabilities who require highly individualized instruction for academics, social interactions, daily living and vocational skills.

    Shepard School implements a curriculum that meets the requirements of the N.J. State Core Curriculum Content Standards. Learn more here.

  • Shepard Preparatory High School (grades 9-12)

    Shepard Preparatory High School in Morristown, NJ is a program for students who function within the average to high average range intellectually, but require highly individualized instruction due to diverse and often complex emotional and behavioral issues.

    Shepard Preparatory High School implements a college preparatory curriculum, which is aligned with the N.J. State Core Curriculum Content Standards. Learn more here.


  • Holiday Recess Begins – Early Dismissal (No Lunch)

    Date: 12-23-14

    Early Dismissal school hours 8:45am-12:45pm here here

  • Holiday Recess (School Closed)

    Date: 12-24-14 to 1-2-14


  • Shepard is a 2014 Brain Alliance Winner

    Click this link for more information here

  • Shepard Prep Receives 7-year Middle States Accreditation

    Click this link for more information: here

  • Level 3 Pizza Lunch

    Date: 1-9-14

  • Assembly: All In

    Date: 1-14-15

  • Level 3 Bagel Breakfast

    Date: 1-15-15

  • Martin Luther King Day – School Closed

    Date: 1-19-15

  • Staff In-Service-Lunch Served (Early Dismissal)

    Date: 1-23-15

    Early Dismissal Hours 8:45am-12:45pm

  • Level 3 Bagel Breakfast

    Date: 1-29-15

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